Year one

Yesterday’s was the 365th post on Sights Sounds Words. The first year has drawn to a close.

Time for a little reflection and looking ahead.

Looking back…

The aim of the project to this point has been to publish photos I’ve taken or sound recordings I’ve made – posting one a day over the course of a year. It’s given me a focus for working on technique and expressiveness as both a photographer and phonographer, and has acted as an impetus to get me more deeply engaged with the creative aspects of both. I’ve pushed myself to not only refine my technique, but also to think more about the ideas, aesthetics, history, perception/cognition, and politics of being an artist involved in both fields.

This backstory has also included a lot of reading, listening, and viewing, as well. I’ve been digging into histories, critical studies, artist’s statements, practical guides, theoretical treatises, philosophical treatments, etc., in addition to looking at photos and listening to sound recordings. In short, I’ve been digging into others’ words about sights and sounds as well as the sights and sounds themselves. This has helped inform my perspective (literally as well as figuratively speaking) and given me both inspiration as well as food for thought.

Looking forward…

At this point I will switch from posting ‘sights and sounds’ to posting primarily ‘words’: critical analysis, commentary, contextualization, discussion of techniques, and exploration of the ideas and implications of photography and phonography – mostly centered around the body of work I’ve assembled here over the previous year. I’ll occasionally engage with other artists’ and/or writers’ work – discussions of visual and aural work as well as words – and I’ll still post the occasional photo or sound recording, but the focus will be on my own words on sights and sounds.

The frequency of postings will also change, from daily to weekly or longer. I’ll give myself the luxury of a bit more time to reflect before posting.

I hope you continue to enjoy this project!


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